Rosie @ Wellesley Hackathon is designed to encourage women and minorities to explore opportunities in technology. The event kicks off the weekend of International Women's Day, and allows students from different majors to collaborate and build platforms that will enable social change. We hope teams will operate as mini start-ups, and our sponsor Rosie will be holding workshops during the event on business strategies and challenges faced by early-stage startups. We want participants to exercise their project management, product development, and programming skills, which is why we require teams to not only submit an app, but also give a strategy presentation on the viability and effectiveness of their app. This is Wellesley College's first ever company-sponsored Hackathon event, and we want it to reflect the school's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and mentoring students who will make a difference in the world. 

For more information, please visit:

To learn more about our sponsor, please visit:

This is event is organized by:

Christine Keung '14 
Karina Chan '16 
Chesley Colbert '16 
Sravanti Tekumalla '16 
Alice Wong '16 
Cali Stenson '17

Special thanks to the Wellesley Computer Science Department!


Anybody who is a Wellesley student is eligible to compete!

We are looking for students from all majors to form teams and create software products that fulfill your passion for building stuff! Teams will pitch their ideas and products to Rosie at the end of the Hackathon on Sunday.

Register if you are interested in: 

  • web and mobile app development
  • project management
  • business and marketing strategy
  • social change
  • design

Students should register individually using the Registration Form. Once signed up, you should list your preliminary software ideas and any predicted collaborators on the Ideas & Teams Spreadsheet. 


The competition will have two components:

  1. Teams will create a software product (e.g. a website or mobile app) and a presentation in approximately 24 hours.
  2. You will also create a presentation that describes how the product addresses a need, and outline a strategy on how to engage and popularize the product. Teams will present a walk-through of product and a rollout strategy on the last day of the Hackathon to a panel of judges and other students.
Teams will have the mentorship of Team Rosie and the Wellesley CS Faculty throughout the duration of the Hackathon. The Rosie team will also be giving workshops during the Hackathon which will cover the business aspects of running an early-stage startup.

Hackathon Sponsors


First Place

4 External Hard Drives

Second Place

4 Raspberry Pis

Third Place

4 Google Chromecast

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Nick Nickitas

Nick Nickitas

Greg Granito

Greg Granito

Howard Zuo

Howard Zuo

Darakhshan Mir

Darakhshan Mir
Wellesley College

Nichole Burton '13

Nichole Burton '13

Judging Criteria

  • Technical
    Should have at least one of the following characteristics (the more, the better): -Show a demo where a few (or many) desired features of the product are implemented to some degree -Use and combine different technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Creativity
    The judges are looking for fresh, holistic applications. Whether its something that has never been done before or an existing solution implemented in a new way, the judges are looking for submissions that are innovative and interdisciplinary.
  • Viability
    Viability concerns the product’s ability to attract and retain users, and its effectiveness in enabling change. Factors to consider are its functionality, set of features, user engagement, and usability.
  • Presentation
    Not only are the judges interested in the look and feel of your product, but also how you pitch it. They want to see how your team plans to market, integrate, and implement your product, and how it will be impactful.

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